New Communities of Faith

New Creation Church Hendersonville, TN

New Creation Church is a community formed around the purpose of sharing in life together while seeking what it means to love Christ. It is a reformed Presbyterian (PCUSA) church that values the body of Christ in everyday life. If you live in the Hendersonville, TN area, or know others there who would be interested in being a part of a new church, contact Rev. Keith Gunter at or (615) 854-5209.

This new Hendersonville community of faith is part of a larger commitment of the New Church Development Committee of First Presbyterian Church. Working with the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, the committee seeks to identify likely areas for new churches, helps to form discernment teams to evaluate opportunities and prepare mission plans, secures authorization for the project(s) and oversees the approved project(s). New Creation Church is the most recent and current development church of the Presbytery and this congregation.

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