Blessings in the DR

2013 DR Surgical Team

Greetings from the Dominican Republic.  We started the day seeing many potential surgical patients and completed several surgeries this afternoon.  Several other members of our group were able to go out to a “barrio” and provided general dental work and primary care to the Dominican people.  During our devotion tonight, we were able to talk about the many blessings that we have experienced in our time spent in the DR this far, here are a few:

-holding a newborn baby


-the many talents that are present on this trip

-the support and education from our colleagues

-Nicole, the medical coordinator, who has transformed the clinic in the 2 short years that she has been here

-being more aware and thankful for what we have at home

-all of the connections between team members and how we have all come together for this mission 

-the many benefits of modern medicine

-overcoming obstacles and being able to work with what is available to us

-successful procedures with great outcomes 

We’ll keep ya posted!

Keep us in your prayers!


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