Room in the Inn

Christ calls us to love and serve others, just as He has loved and served us.

Each Wednesday night during the cold winter months, November through March, this congregation faithfully lives out that call by hosting 14 men on our campus.  The men receive a hearty dinner, a warm and safe place to sleep, a chance to do laundry, have a hot shower, a hot breakfast and a full sack lunch to take with them.  A clothes closet offers items from underwear, toboggans, gloves, socks, hand warmers and toiletries.

Many of you gave of your time and love to provide food, supplies and companionship.  The need continues…

Volunteers are needed to spend the night, drive the church van at night or in the morning to transport the men from/to FPC campus, donate breakfast food, donate sandwiches and soft fruit for sack lunches, and do laundry each week during this time.

Sign-up for 2018-2019 volunteer needs here, on the bulletin board found in Courtenay Hall or email or call at 615-298-9593.

This generosity of service combined with a portion of our missions’ budget allowed this congregation to host a minimum of 308 men on nights when it can be cold enough to kill. Thank you for answering God’s call to serve those in need. We pray you will serve with us this winter.

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