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Dr. Sandra L. Randleman, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care & Missions

Sandra Randleman joined the staff of First Presbyterian Church as the Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Discipleship in September of 1999. Her areas of responsibility include congregational care, support groups, new members and missions...

Mike Crout, Missions Coordinator and Church Administrator

Mike started working at First Presbyterian Church as a part-time Missions Coordinator, and now he works full time as Mission Coordinator and Church Administrator ...

Annette Crout, Missions Coordinator

Annette is a native Tennessean and has been a member of First Presbyterian Church since 2013. After many years in the finance industry, she returned to college to follow her creative dream and became a Product Manager and Designer for footwear companies for 25 years. Answering God’s call, she joined her husband, Mike, as Co-Mission Coordinator sharing their love of missions and serving others...

Missions Council | Adult Missions | Disaster Response | Local Missions | National & World Missions
New Church Development | Seminarian Support | College & Youth Missions

Missions Council

Jack Stringham, Chair | Jess Andrews, Vice-Chair
Adult Missions Committee – John Wimberly, Chair
Disaster Response Committee – Mickey Martin, Chair
Local Missions Committee – Wilson Brim, Chair | Bill Bainbridge, Vice-Chair
National & World Missions Committee – Michael Ison, Chair
New Church Development Committee – Bob LaGrone, Chair | Benjamin Carswell, Vice-Chair
Seminarian Support Committee – Rebecca Walker, Chair | Betsy Hilt, Vice-Chair
Youth Missions Committee – Will Hannon, Chair
Mike Crout – Staff Liaison
Sandra Randleman – Staff Liaison
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Adult Missions

John Wimberly, Chair (Elder, 2019)
Ellie Billington (Elder, 2019)
Robert Buck
Damon Byrd
Jim Cato
Susan Doughty
Kathryn Peffen (Deacon, 2020)
Mary Emily Thomas
Tom Van Pernis
Mike Crout, Staff Liaison
Sandra Randleman, Staff Liaison

Disaster Response

Mickey Martin, Chair (Elder, 2020)
Allen Kennedy
Mary Sue Melner
Lance Vest (Deacon, 2019)
John Wagster
Mike Crout, Staff Liaison

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Local Missions

Wilson Brim, Chair (Deacon, 2019)
Bill Bainbridge, Vice Chair (Deacon, 2019)
Jess Andrews (Deacon, 2021)
Dana Atkins (Deacon, 2019)
Louise Bairnsfather
Ian Byram (Deacon, 2019)
Andrew Byrd (Elder, 2021)
Charlie Cardwell (Elder, 2021)
Suzan Hindman (Elder, 2020)
Jenny Lenderman (Deacon, 2020)
Mary Marraccini
Kathryn Peffen (Deacon, 2020)
Tim Vaughn
Mike Crout, Staff Liaison
Sandra Randleman, Staff Liaison
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National & World Missions

Mark Ison, Chair
Beth Scott Clayton Amos
Bob LaGrone (Elder, 2019)
Mary Marraccini
Warner McNeilly III
Ebralie Mwizerwa
Karen Pasquale
Tom Van Pernis
Linda Sauer (Deacon, 2019) Mike Crout, Staff Liaison
Sandra Randleman, Staff Liaison
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New Church Development

Bob LaGrone, Chair (Elder, 2019)
Benjamin Carswell, Vice Chair (Elder, 2021)
Sally Davis
Tom Davis Jr. (Elder, 2019)
Steve Douse
Allen Kennedy
Ebralie Mwizerwa
Andy Spickard
Graham Swafford (Deacon, 2019)
Stuart Gordon, Staff Liaison
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Seminarian Support

Rebecca Walker, Chair (Elder, 2020)
Betsy Hilt, Vice Chair (Deacon, 2020)
Hal Collier
Adam DeVries, Staff Liaison
Stuart Gordon, Staff Liaison
Sandra Randleman, Staff Liaison
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College & Youth Missions

Will Hannon, Chair (Deacon, 2020)
Mary Lee Bartlett
Helen Dale
Duncan Dashiff (Deacon, 2019)
Mary Earthman
Jay Milam (Deacon, 2021)
Rodney Przybylinski (Deacon, 2019)
Debbie Rieke
Julie Roberts
Ryan Walker
Adam DeVries, Staff Liaison
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