Seminarian Support

The Session of First Presbyterian Church is committed to fulfilling its obligation to provide care and support to persons preparing for ministry during their periods of inquiry and candidacy.

The Seminarian Support Committee acts as a liaison with the candidates and the Presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry as well as overseeing disbursements of funds allocated for seminarian support, including post-graduate education of ordained staff.

The committee currently serves as liaison to oneĀ student at Princeton Theological Seminary and one youth director through the Center for Youth Ministry Training.

Princeton Theological Seminary Center for Youth Ministry Training

First Presbyterian Church is a founding partner of the Center for Youth Ministry Training along with Brentwood United Methodist Church.

Annual funding support is also provided to Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia; andĀ Cook Native American Ministries in Tempe, Arizona.



Columbia Theological Seminary Cook Native American Ministries
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